Train your supervisors to communicate in a way that resolves issues and your employees will stay.

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Conflict Resolution Training

Business Strategies for Increased Retention and Profits
(2 HRCI Business Credits & 2 SHRM Credits)


The world is changing at rapid speed with incredible and unexpected technologies. There are more jobs than candidates to fill them.  And now we have the new workplace phenomenon of “ghosting” where individuals walk off the job or don’t show up at all.  With so many challenges that threaten your ability to hold onto the employees you worked so hard to find, transparent and honest communication is essential. 

There is considerable research to suggest that an organization’s success is greatly affected by the way their people handle tough talks. The research suggests that the organizational costs of avoiding these conversations or having them poorly, can include:

  1. Loss of clients or potential business
  2. Damage to company reputation
  3. High employee turnover
  4. Loss of morale
  5. Decreased productivity & engagement

Naturally, these amount to lost profits while opening the door to potential employment lawsuits.


  • Learn how to be a change agent in your organization by facilitating companywide training for Tough Talks by learning the principles and setting up learning groups.
  • Learn how to maximize your resources and your people with steps to implement effective communication.
  • Learn how to use techniques for addressing effective communication that leaders use to improve relationships, retention and a reduction in turnover.

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